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Imidazole series

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Physical properties

[Chinese name] imidazole

[Chinese nickname] ganoxine; Diazo; Imidazole; 1, 3-diazo; 1, 3 - diazo, 2, 4 - cyclopentene; 1, 3-diamine heterocyclic pentadiene

[English name] Imidazole

Chemical name: 1, 3-diamine heterocyclic pentadiene

Molecular formula: C3H4N2



[relative molecular weight or atomic weight] 68.08

Density of 【 】 1.0303 (101/4 ℃)

Melting point (℃) 】 【 89 ~ 91 ℃

Boiling point (℃) 】 【 257 ℃

Flash point (℃) 】 【 145 ℃

The viscosity of mPa, s (20 ℃) 】 2.696

【 refraction 】 1.4801 (101 ℃)

【 traits 】 this product is white prismatic or flake crystal, easy to dissolve in water, alcohol, microsoluble in benzene, difficult to dissolve in petroleum ether. It's a weak base.

Toxic, to the skin, mucosa in irritant and corrosive.

CAS 】 【 288-32-4

Chemical properties

Imidazole is a monoclinic prism colorless crystal with ammonia odor.


Imidazole is soluble in benzene, petroleum ether, soluble in ether, acetone, chloroform, pyridine, soluble in water and ethanol.

[preparation or source]

(1) methyl amide and ethylenediamine solid phase catalysis dehydrogenation, and the catalyst is platinum with the carrier of alumina trioxide.

(2) with glyoxal as raw material, and ammonium sulfate in the formaldehyde (or ammonia) in 85 ~ 90 ℃.

Properties: white prismatic or flake crystal, soluble in water, ethanol, ether, chloroform, soluble in benzene, difficult to dissolve in petroleum ether, toxic, to skin, mucous in stimulating and corrosive.

Use instructions

Imidazole is a kind of important fine chemical raw materials, mainly used in medicine and pesticide synthesis and curing agent of epoxy resin, used in medicine imidazoles antifungal drug, is the double effects of imidazole, econazole, ketone health zun, clotrimazole drugs such as one of the main raw materials, can be used as copper corrosion inhibitor, urea-formaldehyde resin is used as a curing agent, photography, adhesives, paint, rubber vulcanization agent, antistatic agent, etc of raw materials and intermediates, are widely used in fruit preservatives.

Packing: 25KG woven bags lined with double double plastic bags.

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