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The fine chemicals show has generated more than $15 billion in orders from Texas

发布时间:2019-10-30 15:16

At present, due to the escalation of the debt crisis in Europe and the United States, the international market demand is depressed, and the import and export power of foreign trade is weakened. As labor costs rise in China and the yuan appreciates, the export situation is not optimistic, and consumer demand has been flagging. Under the pattern of the demand for export and the lack of domestic demand, the offline exhibition hosted by e-commerce enterprises has been popular.

November 22-24, the 2011 China international fine chemistry exhibition, co-sponsored by the China chemical network and the China council for the promotion of chemical industry in China, was held in Shanghai. The exhibition to carry out the first professional exhibition audience of more than 10000, among them, the foreign professional exhibition audience reached more than 800 people, show turnover reached 15 billion yuan, including 5.3 billion yuan in the scene to clinch a deal, intention to clinch a deal of 9.7 billion yuan, each index hit a record high.

As the domestic fine chemical industry's leading professional exhibition, the exhibition has been in the global chemical industry has formed a powerful influence and appeal, have also been around the domestic chemical industry industrial park. This year, the municipal government of the city of shandong alone organized a tour of 50 enterprises and participated in the exhibition by the secretary-general of the municipal committee. During the exhibition, dezhou enterprises show nearly hundred kinds of new products, new technology, with more than 300 enterprises in the negotiations, a total of 26 cooperation intention, the amount of 950 million yuan, received more than 2000 people visit counseling.

It is reported that dezhou recently vigorously developed chemical enterprises to develop market space for industrial clusters. Another Texas chemical industry cluster, which has a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, has a strong effect on surrounding radiation. After the industrial cluster e-commerce platform comes into play, it will greatly promote the development of related industries and build a solid industrial foundation for the entrepreneurship of the whole people.

The fine chemical exhibition, which was held by netsheng and chemical industry promotion association, received nearly a billion orders, which greatly promoted the development of the chemical industry in Texas. This year, the total sales revenue of chemical enterprises in the whole city is estimated to be 78 billion yuan, which is 110.3% of the target of the year. Completed a fixed asset investment of 12 billion yuan and completed 120% of the target target at the beginning of the year. The outlook is promising.

According to understand, to solve the fine chemical industry exhibitors and the audience range is too wide, too lack problems of 2012 China international exhibition of fine and custom chemicals (conference website: spechem.chemnet.com/) will set up four exhibition: "chemical equipment exhibition", "fluorine silicon and special material exhibition", "water treatment chemicals exhibition", "the university scientific research institution technology exhibition", each area have already accumulated quite a number of exhibitors.

Experts say the fine chemical exhibition, hosted by netsheng and chemchina, has been a hit, thanks in part to years of accumulation of business treasure platforms that have a powerful resource advantage. On the other hand, the recession of the economy has made more companies choose to participate in the exhibition to gain new buyers.

According to introducing, this exhibition is net sheng business treasure (Toocle. Cn) since 2008 since the first run of the 4th industry event, held in enterprises since the core data aspects have reached new highs, in 09 has become the global fine chemical industry area is the largest and most exhibitors booths, the largest sales professional exhibitions.

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