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The two cola promised to gradually reduce the level of 4-methymidazole in coke

发布时间:2019-10-30 15:15

The caramelization of the caramel pigment will promote the process optimization of the food industry.

Continues to be the center for science in the public (CSPI) accused of caramel pigment risks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi finally decided on a global scale gradually reduce the level of 4 - methyl imidazole in the production of coke. Nestle, another big food company, went further, formally announcing last week that it had abandoned artificial colors, spices and preservatives.

"The caramel pigment is cola carbonated drinks necessary additives, in the United States and China are belong to the category of law allows you to add, but now it comes to food safety issues, it is easy to horrify most." Zhu danpeng, a researcher at the China food and business research institute. But the problem of artificial pigment has aroused the concern, the food standards agency as early as 2008 began to demand that children's food manufacturers, consciously stop using lemon yellow and carmine and so on 6 kinds of edible pigment, and the change of the nestle and other companies also prompted big food companies to realize the transformation of the further.

California has asked for a warning about cancer

Is "the first thing you need to emphasize that our products contain caramel color will not bring any risk to the health and safety. At the same time, for business reasons, Coca-Cola planned use on a global scale to promote further enhance the caramel color of the production process, in a unified and simplified supply chain, production and sales system, the implementation of the project schedule is set." Wang lei, China's public affairs manager for Coca-Cola, sent a statement to the south and stressed that rumors of a change in the coke formula were not true, and that the decision involved only a promotion of the caramel pigment process.

The reporter understands, CSPI has repeatedly submit a petition to the United States food and drug administration (fda), called for a ban on the use to the ammonium sulfate as raw material to produce caramel pigment, and the California court has ruled in December last year, contain certain carcinogens colorants drinks must be accompanied by warning signs of cancer. According to each food or drinks such as more than 29 micrograms of 4 - methyl imidazole must be alert, CPSI said that every listen to 340 g pepsi-cola contain 145 to 153 micrograms, each listening to coke contains 132 micrograms, belongs to the scope must be labeled.

For the entangled two events for a long time, the American beverage association (ABA), the food and beverage and consumer goods manufacturers association (GMA) are backed, said there is no evidence that 4 - methyl imidazole will pose a threat to human health. A spokesman for the U.S. drug administration said that consumers who drink more than 1, 000 cans of coke a day consume 4-methyl-imidazole, which is the equivalent of the amount of cancer associated with cancer. "4 - methyl imidazole of caramel pigment content must not exceed 250 PPM, and the highest content of CSPI found is only 0. 4 PPM." Coca-Cola spokesman Ben chai, insists that change is in order to avoid breaking the "without scientific verification" warning.

"The problem of caramel coloring is to control the amount of the content in the safe range, and then the quality, and it is believed that the two should be promoted in both dimensions this time." By peng, according to the analysis is C SPI entangled for a long time, announced a change at this time, on the one hand, because of the weak economic environment, don't want to because it affects the main business, become the negative pole, on the other hand is because of the problem of food safety unprecedented attention, and also have certain correlation with other multinational companies' efforts.

The use of pigment varies by multinational companies

In fact, the question of artificial coloring has been concerned for years, and in the 1970s, artificial colors were suspected of causing child behavior problems. In 2008, the eu has introduced a packaging legislation, regulations contain lemon yellow, quinoline yellow, sunset yellow, reddish, temptation carmine red and 6 kinds of edible pigment products should be marked "possible adverse impact on children's behavior and attention" health warning. Companies such as cadbury and nestle have pledged to eliminate all the artificial additives used in their production. Last week, which is more completely abandoned the artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, become the world's first large-scale food enterprises to abandon the use of artificial additives, change, including K itK at chocolate chocolate, smarties and 79 kinds of products such as formula, make edible pigment mainly comes from the natural plants such as carrot, lotus, safflower and lemon, because had not found the blue pigment, even its blue chocolate beans will disappear periodically.

"There is a difference in the pigment used by multinational companies around the world." The personage inside course of study to the SMW reporter revealed that the fender to use in the UK is the natural pigment in pumpkin and carrot extract, in the United States with 40 red and yellow pigment, 6 strawberry sundae of McDonald's in the UK with strawberry color, size 40 red pigment is used in the United States. "Problem and domestic additives was less attention, after red bull 'illegal add carmine event is proved to be, according to the examination and approval by the and the hygienic standards of using food additives, sunset yellow using range, including cool candied fruit, cooked beans, chocolate, candy, drink, jelly, snack food, etc." While two happy in yesterday told reporters that in the global different countries use different types of pigment is not aware of, can only confirm to add all conform to the requirements of the local laws and regulations, "products always safe".


(I) the American public science center (C SPI) : must be labeled as a warning

According to each food or drinks such as more than 29 micrograms of 4 - methyl imidazole must be alert, C P, SI said every listen to 340 g pepsi-cola contain 145 to 153 micrograms, each listening to coke contains 132 micrograms, belongs to the scope must be labeled.

(2) U.S. drug administration: less intake

According to a spokesman for the U.S. drug administration, the consumption of 4-methylimidazole, which is consumed by consumers after drinking more than 1,000 cans of coke a day, is comparable to the amount of cancer that animals consume in the experiment.

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